Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Will YOU Step Up?

For some time now, I have been feeling very burdened to pray for the people of Haiti because of their continual struggles. There are SO MANY Haitian people that are still living in tent communities due to the loss of their homes resulting from the January earthquakes and aftershocks. And they now are fighting another battle. The recent cholera outbreak in Haiti can potentially lead to serious problems for the Haitian people. As of this writing, there are over 3000 confirmed cases of cholera and almost 260 deaths; this is huge since it is quickly spreading. The most upsetting thing about this outbreak is that it is PREVENTABLE. Clean water...that's it. Clean water. How often do we as Americans take that for granted?!?

How often do we also take our homes for granted as well? A clean bed to sleep in at night, running water to make breakfast in the morning, and public schools where we know we can send our kids, confident that our children will be safe in a building that is also structurally sound. How completely BLESSED are we in this country, one of the richest in the world?

So as I was saying, I have been feeling burdened to pray for these struggling people. But I am now feeling compelled to do more than pray. I want to use the talents the Lord gave me to help me make a monetary donation to help the people of Haiti...Will you please join me?

On Monday, November 15, all the proceeds of several of my bows will go to 2 different Haiti mission projects. I will post an album of the bows on my facebook page for you to choose from. There will be 4 different types of bows, so you definitely will find one that you love! I will ask that you contact me via email, phone call, or facebook message on that day to place your order. Please prayerfully consider donating more money than the bow price...if not, that is completely fine too!

I will be posting more information regarding these missions in the next few weeks. The first is Air Mobile Relief Mission, who provide water filtration systems for the Haitian people. You can check them out at http://dieunika.blogspot.com/. The second is for a friend of mine, Cara Boone. Her family has a heart for the Haitian people like none other I've seen. They have adopted several children from Haiti and are familiar with the region and it's people. Their mission team will be going in November, and again in January. On the January trip they will be working on rebuilding a schoolhouse in Jeremie, Haiti. The Riley and Ruby Ribbons bow money will be helping to fund the roof repair, which needs to be done in a timely fashion or the school will be closed.

I feel blessed to be working with you in these projects. I have a goal of raising a total of at least $500 to split between the two missions. I am confident that we can do it....so the question is, will YOU step up???

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